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Got a little scientist in your house?

Enrich your child’s knowledge of physics, electricity, energy, light, and other fascinating aspects of science with our new Science Wiz and Scientific Explorer kits.

New Science Wiz Kits

Science Wiz Inventions

Years of testing with children has produced this carefully crafted set of doable projects.

Build, Build, Build!

  • A spinning motor
  • A clicking telegraph
  • a light flashing generator
  • a real radio

Discover what energy is, how we make it now and what choices await us in the future. Build a solar car and join the race to save the planet! Learn about global warming. Includes materials for 22 separate projects. Requires common household items and one 1.5 volt battery and one 9 volt battery.

Here’s what you can accomplish:

  • Build a solar car
  • Launch a super capacitor car
  • Make an electric car
  • Spin a flywheel generator
  • Build a battery to light an LED
  • Do a kinetic chain reaction

Split, spin and spill color.

Here’s what you can accomplish:

  • Fuse colored light beams with a light wand
  • Split light into a cascade of rainbows
  • Make a kaleidoscope
  • Mold lenses
  • Make a microscope and telescope
  • Capture a shadow
  • Box a camera
  • Diffract with feathers
  • Play the I Spy game with mirrors
  • Solve Filter Puzzles

Blast off with Newton’s Laws of Motion!

Here’s what you can accomplish:

  • Launch Bottle Rockets
  • Perform tricks with inertia
  • Star in motion with a low friction air puck
  • Build your own spring meter and munch an apple down to one Newton
  • Spin and circle with centripetal forces
  • Build and balance with a balance scale
  • Clock your own speed and measure the acceleration of a car down a ramp

Build an electric car without a battery.

Be among the first to build a high performance electric car that runs without a battery! Explore the future now.

Kit contains ultra capacitor, motor, wires, car base, car body, decals, wheels, axles, gears, washers and battery band.

New Scientific Explorer Kits

Disgusting Science Kit

Disgusting Science Kit

It’s the grossest, most revolting science kit out there! Grow your own friendly germs and fuzzy molds. Mix up a batch of coagulating fake blood. Even make a stinky intestine. Learn the science behind unmentionable bodily functions while doing some truly NASTY experiments.

My First Chemistry Kit

My First Chemistry Kit

Introduce young kids to the wonders of chemistry. This kit includes a microscope and accessories, plus the equipment and materials to conduct simple and fun chemistry experiments designed especially for first time scientists. Created in collaboration with the early learning experts at UC Berkeley GEMS.
My First Dino Kit My First Dino Kit With My First Dino Kit, you’re a real paleontologist! Use excavation tools to dig up a dinosaur skeleton and then classify and display your findings. Build a glow in the dark model, or grow and shrink some giant dinos, all while you learn about the prehistoric past. Did some dinosaurs have feathers? Are crocodiles as ancient as the dinosaurs? You’ll find out.

Learning Styles

I still get those emails every now and then that I got before my second child was even born.  You know the ones…”Your Child: Month 30″.  I usually delete them before looking at them.  Oh, they were interesting when I was pregnant and then when I was dealing with an infant again, but I’m too busy wiping spaghetti off the walls and cleaning playdough out of the carpet to sit down and enjoy them most of the time.

A couple of months ago, though, one caught my eye.  It was on Learning Styles.  I’m quite critical of things like this – you take a survey (and everyone fits into choice A, B, or C???) and it “calculates” your result, in this case, your child’s learning style.  But, I had a moment (thanks to an early bedtime) and decided to check it out.

This questionaire attempts to show you your child’s strongest learning style area.  It might be a combination of two or quite equal across the board.  And, I think that the results would change as a child gets older and aquires new skills.  I’m not even sure if the three styles they mention are adequate to evaluate a child; should there be more?  What would they be?

Putting my criticisms aside, I took the test for both of my children.  And, I was somewhat satisfied.

The survey supposedly measures your child’s strength in auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning.  And, it recognizes that it isn’t an “all or nothing” type of result for most children.  My oldest was predominately a visual learner, although he was strong in kinesthetic learning as well.  And my younger son was very strong in the verbal/auditory learning style and not so much in the others.  However, I think his will definitely change as he learns different skills, like writing and drawing.

The survey does excel in one area – it makes you think about how your child learns and thrives, and it gives you tips for working towards your child’s most dominant way to learn.

So, I urge you to take the survey yourself and see what the result is.  What is your reaction to your child’s results?  In what ways can you see a tool like this being helpful for you as a parent?

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