Each year at this time, we like to publish the best-selling toys of the year. 2007 has seen some change, so we’ve decided to publish this list a little differently. The most important change we’ve seen is the growth in popularity of the Orb Factory’s Sticky Mosaics kits, making up 4 of the top-10 best selling items. Our other huge group of products are our ant farms, with the Antworks Illuminated kit making the top of the list – our best seller this year.

So withour further ado, here are our top selling toys of 2007 (so far):

  1. Antworks Illuminated Ant Habitat
  2. Sticky Mosaics Jewels
  3. Sticky Mosaics Princess
  4. Maraca Shakers
  5. Blue Egg Shakers
  6. Uncle Milton Ant Farm
  7. Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm
  8. Antworks Ant Habitat
  9. Sticky Mosaics Fantastic Fish
  10. Sticky Mosaics My Jungle Adventure
  11. Celestial Orb