Years ago, we were swept up in train mania with our first son.  We had to have the shirts.  We had to have the shoes.  We had to have the blankets and sheets.  And of course, we HAD to have the train set.

I gasp when I realize how much we have invested in wooden trains!  But, that’s really what it is – an INVESTMENT.  Wooden trains will last forever, and they are easy to put away and store for the next generation as well.  And. they are an investment in their development.

I wasn’t as aware of the process with my first son, but with the second, now two and a half, I see a whole new side of him.  When he approaches the train table, he becomes a different person.  He IS Percy.  He BECOMES Henry.  And, in his world of the Island of Sodor (or wherever he chooses to be), he solves problems with derailing, makes new railroads, taking turns, and carries on complete conversations between the engines. 

And, the train table at our house is one of the few toys that both of my boys will happily share with each other.  They make up their own adventures together.  When our neighbor comes over for a visit, he is more than welcome to join in on the fun.  It is one of the rare moments when I don’t hear the bickering or the “mine!”s or the crying.  No tattling at the train table.

So, if you are looking to invest in a few trains, don’t let the prices of the engines or even the rail sets scare you.  They are well worth the price on so many levels.

It has been a GREAT investment for us!

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