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More Recalls Announced By CPSC

The Consumer Product Safety Commision released seven additional recalls on Thursday. 

The recalls were for the following products (each link provides information about the recall and the products affected, including pictures).  Please follow the guidelines provided if these are products you own.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway recall – five additional products have been added to their recall list: a cargo car, a cargo box, “Toad” engine, green maple tree top and green signal base.

Knights Of The Sword toys recall – three silver knight toys are on this list.  These were sold in blister packs from 2004 – 2006.

Children’s Toys Rakes sold exclusively through Jo-Ann Fabrics recall – these rakes have a green handle with a yellow duck head attached. The rake has seven purple tines. The rake is about 24 inches long. “Robbie Ducky™ Garden Collection Rake” is printed on a tag attached to the handle.

Guidecraft Children’s Puppet Theater recall – these are free-standing, large puppet theaters that have a chalk board on the front.  These were sold 2006 – 2007.

Children’s Spinning Wheel Metal Necklace recall – these necklaces were sold through novelty stores and machines, redemption centers at arcades, and small discount stores.

Toby & Me Metal Jewelry recall – this line of jewelry for children was sold through stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, A.J. Wright, Cracker Barrel, and Shopko.  Please check the pictures for specific items on the list.

Happy Giddy Gardening Tools and Miss Spider Sunny Patch chairs by Target recall – Target is issuing a recall of certain items from each of these lines from this past year.  Check the link and product description for details.

Wooden Thomas and Mattel Toy Recall

Two major toy manufacturers have issued recalls recently in relation to lead-based paints that were used on their products.  The latest recall has been announced by Mattel Corporation, parent company of Fisher Price.  Toys that are affected include TV-related characters (Dora, Sesame Street and Diego) that were purchased since May 2007.  You can take a look at their pictoral product recall list by following this link.

RC2 Corporation, one of the producers of the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway toys, issued a recall earlier this year on specific wooden trains and accessories that were purchased between January 2005 and June 2007.  To see a complete listing of their product recalls, please follow this link.

Both companies are being highly cooperative in the recall process and are remorseful that their products contain a potentially harmful substance. 

Please, if your household has any of these products, follow the directions for returning and replacing the items as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Planes, TRAINS, and Automobiles

Years ago, we were swept up in train mania with our first son.  We had to have the shirts.  We had to have the shoes.  We had to have the blankets and sheets.  And of course, we HAD to have the train set.

I gasp when I realize how much we have invested in wooden trains!  But, that’s really what it is – an INVESTMENT.  Wooden trains will last forever, and they are easy to put away and store for the next generation as well.  And. they are an investment in their development.

I wasn’t as aware of the process with my first son, but with the second, now two and a half, I see a whole new side of him.  When he approaches the train table, he becomes a different person.  He IS Percy.  He BECOMES Henry.  And, in his world of the Island of Sodor (or wherever he chooses to be), he solves problems with derailing, makes new railroads, taking turns, and carries on complete conversations between the engines. 

And, the train table at our house is one of the few toys that both of my boys will happily share with each other.  They make up their own adventures together.  When our neighbor comes over for a visit, he is more than welcome to join in on the fun.  It is one of the rare moments when I don’t hear the bickering or the “mine!”s or the crying.  No tattling at the train table.

So, if you are looking to invest in a few trains, don’t let the prices of the engines or even the rail sets scare you.  They are well worth the price on so many levels.

It has been a GREAT investment for us!

Be sure to check out Wonderbrains’ collection of wooden railway toys!

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