Spring is a season of change.  The colder temperatures slowly give way to warmer and longer days.  Children beg to play outside as much as they can, so when the rains come, they aren’t always a welcome sight.  Here are a few suggestions to keep your kid happy and having fun, even when it means staying inside for the day.

1.  Singin’ In The Rain!  Turn on the shower and let the fun begin!  While my 3 year old is not a fan of bathing in the shower, he LOVES to put on his bathing suit, his water socks and grab his small umbrella for a bit of fun when we turn on the water.  Have lots of towels handy – it does make a mess!

2.  Rain art.  Create works of art with washable markers on paper (the heavier the paper, the better.  After they are completed, put them outside in the rain and watch the colors run together.  Or, spritz them with a water bottle for a similar effect.  Do new colors form?  Do any of the colors separate?

3.  It is always a good time for a campout!  Create a campsite with a blanket or bedspread draped over a couple of chairs.  Bring along some stuffed animal pals, and even serve up a snack in the new digs.  Turn out the lights, close the blinds, and fire up a few flashlights for some added fun.  Read a few books and cozy up together!

4.  Revive those board games.  Pull out some timeless favorites you have, a deck of cards, perhaps even some dice for a rousing game of Yahtzee.  Or, create your own board game by combining elements of older games! 

5.  Recycle old playdough.  Make magnificent sculptures and let them sit out to dry.  It may take a few days, or put them on a cookie sheet in a low-heat oven to dry out more quickly.  (My boys LOVE to make volcanoes from old playdough and then “erupt” them with baking soda and vinegar.)

6.  Write a story!  Sit down with your child or children and create a story.  Then, act it out and take pictures of each part of the story.  These can be printed out and made into a new book to read together.

7.  Try a few party games.  Why not make your own verson of Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Charades?  How about an indoor treasure hunt or a race of some sort?  My boys love to inflate a couple of balloons and see who can keep them off the ground the longest by bouncing them in their palm.

8.  Decorate the windows.  Give kids some shaving cream to smear on the window or table.  Not only will they clean the surface, they’ll have a great time doing it!  Or, try washable markers or even tempera paint.  They are both easily removable with a bit of water and a rag.

What are your favorite activities to do with your child on a rainy day?