There are lots of things that appeal to me about shopping at my favorite store in town.  It is the fresh smell when I walk in the door, the attractive decor on the walls and in the windows out front, the friendliness of the staff, and the product that is for sale. 

The same goes for WonderBrains.  While I can’t necessarily walk into the store, I can enter through my computer into a wonderfully designed shop (by the way, have you noticed the redesigned home page?  WOW!).  It is sharp and fresh, easy to follow and appealing to look at.  I can always find help quickly if I need it.  And, of course, only the best toys and products can be found here – no sifting through “junk” that clutters so many other stores around.

But, WonderBrains does something that really hits home for me.  Each product is categorized based on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  If you are not familiar with this theory, take a moment to read Peter’s article.  It is a wonderful and complete summary of Gardner’s work.  The picture icons after each product description really help focus on what really goes on with these products.  If I’m buying something for my niece’s birthday (she happens to be quite the athlete), then I know finding a product with the kinesthetic icon below it would be a wonderful gift for her.  Likewise, with my son beginning to take piano lessons and study music, I really want to promote that area of learning, so I’ll look for the musical icon on product descriptions.

Peter and Susan have done a tremendous job researching and testing products to find the best in every group.  And that’s why I love this store.  Because someone cared enough to make sure I knew exactly what the product is all about.