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How To Pick The Best Educational Toys

Teaching your child with math, science or history toys isn’t the only way to ensure your child is learning while playing with toys. Toys can be educational as long as it aids in the positive development of the child. Learning how to grab an object is a great way for a baby to learn motor skills. Toys that encourage older children to use creativity and logical skills help them through solving problems. Choosing the right kind of toy can be a task in itself. Here are a few pointers to help you out:

Toys should be Fun

Toys are designed to be fun. If a toy stops being fun, then it stops being a toy. Encouraging fun with an educational toy will open up a whole new world and new skills to your kids. Picking out age-appropriate toys is important to give them challenges. Too much challenge and the child will get frustrated and will stop playing with the toy. Not enough challenge and the child won’t grow problem solving skills, coordination or even the ability to learn.

Parents Role

Parents, you need to choose the right toys that match the child’s age and abilities. As a parent, you will need to teach your child how to play with the toy. Yes, that means getting down on the floor and playing with your children. Let the child choose the toy they want to play with. When the child chooses the toy, they might play and learn for a longer period of time.

Elements of Educational Toys

It’s all up to you to decide if the toy is educational. Manufacturers may claim that the toy is educational, but is it right for you child? Here are a few things to look for on a toy to help your child’s education and development:

  • Stimulation – This kind of toy is especially important for young babies, who are still developing new skills. Check to see which senses the toy stimulates, whether that means visual, aural or touch.
  • Imagination – Does the toy stimulate the imagination? Sometimes the best educational toys for imagination are the simplest ones. For example, some studies have shown that simple wooden toys encourage creative thinking more than complex electronic gadgets.
  • Social  - Iѕ the toy good for playing with other children? Playtime is an excellent opportunity for children to develop social skills with siblings or friends. Some toys are more conducive to socializing than others.
  • Expression – Does the toy help children to express themselves? This could mean toys involving artwork, writing, taking photographs or telling stories.

These are not the only things to look for in an educational toy, but they are a good place to start. Educational toys are designed to make the child happy, grow and learn from the time spent with the toy. Our responsibility as parents is to make sure they are learning and, most of all, having fun with that toy.


Renting toys for your kids for the Holidays?

I’ve been reading more and more about parents renting toys for kids this holiday season. I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of this new trend?  You can now rent toys for a small fee and let your children play with  them, and then one to three months later, send them back and rent new ones! I personally have my ups and downs about the whole thing. Why rent toys for your child? How clean are the toys really? What is the quality of the toy going to be like when you receive it? What happens if my kid loses or breaks a toy?

We as parents always have different concerns about are children. If I buy them that toy, will it make them happy, and how long will they play with it? What toys should we buy them? Is this the right toy to help my children develop and grow mentally and physically?

It’s hard to say because we feel that a child’s education, learning and development through toys can be done within a couple of months. Some toys can provide years of education and learning. The child might grow an attachment to a toy, then what do you do? You either have to tell the child that you have to return the toy and break their heart, or buy it for more money than you would have bought it for in the first place.

Kids are kids, and they sometimes break things. Not all children break their toys or treat them rough, but all kids are different and things do happen. So now you just spent around $5 per toy and then have to turn around and buy it for a discounted price. So what’s the discounted price?

Here’s an example:

Girl Dress Up Mix ‘n Match Peg
Our price – $6.57
Many of the renting toys places charge  $5 per toy, some charge $30 or more for 4 toys per month.

We here at Wonderbrains understand that education, learning and developmental toys are a great way for children to grow and learn. We also understand how important it is to get your children the best toys. Shop our online store and receive free shipping with a purchase of $50 or more.

We want to know what you think about renting toys for your children. Leave a comment or go to our Facebook page and leave a comment our wall.

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