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Recall NEWS from CPSC – May 5th

Disney Princess Plastic Trikes Recalled by Kiddieland Due to Laceration Hazard

Name of Product: Disney Princess Plastic Racing Trikes

Units: About 9,000 in the U.S. and 700 in Canada

Manufacturer: Kiddieland Toys Limited, of Scituate, Mass.

Hazard: The plastic castle display and the princess figures protruding from the top of the handle bar pose a laceration hazard if a child falls on it.

Incidents/Injuries: CPSC and Kiddieland have received three reports of children suffering facial lacerations.

Description: This recall involves the Disney Princess Plastic Racing Trikes. The trikes are pink and fuchsia with a purple seat and wheels. On top of the handlebar, there is a rotating castle display surrounded by three princess figures. “Disney Princess” is printed on the label in front of the trike just below the handlebar.

Sold at: Target, JCPenney, Meijer and H.E.B. stores nationwide and online from January 2009 through April 2011 for about $50.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately take the trikes away from children and contact Kiddieland for a free replacement handlebar with an enclosed rotating display.

For More: CPSC

Tween Brands Recalls Beaded Curtains Due to Risk of Entrapment and Strangulation; Sold Exclusively at Justice Stores

Name of Product: Beaded Curtains

Units: About 36,000

Importer: GMA Accessories Inc., of New York, N.Y.

Distributor: Tween Brands Inc., d/b/a Justice, of New Albany, Ohio

Hazard: The beaded curtains are prone to entanglement. When an adult or child plays with or runs through the beaded curtains, the risks of entanglement and strangulation are posed.

Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received two reports of consumers becoming entangled in the curtains. No injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves two styles of Justice-brand beaded door curtains, the diamond beaded curtain, and the disco ball beaded curtain. These multi-colored curtains are used as a decorative divider in a doorway and measure 72 inches long. Each curtain is sold with two plastic mounting brackets, each measuring 12 inches wide. The name of the product is printed on the packaging and the curtains have tracking numbers 904598.1735 and 904597.1735 printed on labels located on one of the mounting brackets and on the packaging.

Sold at: Justice stores nationwide and online from August 2010 through March 2011 for approximately $20.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled curtains and return them to any Justice store for a full refund.

For More: CPSC

Children’s Scooters Recalled by Kiddieland Due to Laceration Hazard

Name of Product: Lights and Sounds Children’s Scooters

Units: About 16,000 in the United States and 700 in Canada

Manufacturer: Kiddieland Toys Limited, of Scituate, Mass.

Hazard: A child’s finger can get caught in the hinge mechanism between the steering column and the platform, posing a laceration hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: CPSC and Kiddieland have received two reports of children whose fingers got caught in the hinge mechanism and required stitches.

Description: This recall involves three models of Kiddieland “Lights and Sounds” three-wheeled scooters including a red Spiderman, a blue Thomas & Friends™ and a pink girl’s scooter. The scooters have buttons on the handle that play music and sounds. “Kiddieland” is molded on the back of the steering mechanism. Spiderman or Thomas & Friends™ are found on the steering mechanism and platform. The girl’s model has butterflies on the platform.

Sold at: Toys R Us and JCPenney from January 2009 through February 2011 for about $40

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately take the recalled scooters away from children and contact Kiddieland for a free repair kit.

For More: CPSC

Sandbox Medical, LLC Recalls Pacifier Clip Due to Choking Hazard

Name of Product: Pacifier Clip

Units: About 6,000

Manufacturer: Sandbox Medical, LLC of Pembroke, Mass.

Hazard: The clip can break apart, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Incidents/Injuries: Sandbox Medical has received two reports that the clip broke apart during use. No injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves the Cheaper Keeper pacifier clip that attaches a pacifier to a child’s clothing. It is a clear plastic clip secured by a pink ribbon with a velcro closure.

Sold at: Sandbox Baby’s website – from February 2011 through March 2011 for about $3.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the pacifier clip and throw it away. Consumers should contact Sandbox Medical for a free replacement.

For More: CPSC

New Child Seat Safety Guidelines from NHTSA

Picture provided by The NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revised its child restraint guidelines to be categorized by age rather than by type of child seat in order to keep pace with the latest scientific and medical research and the development of new child restraint technologies. The new guidelines, which was issued on Monday 21, 2011, stated that parents and caregivers need to keep children in each type of restraint for as long as possible before moving your child up to the next level including  rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster seats. The safety agency recommends that the child should be in a rear-facing restraint position as long as the child fit within the height and weight limits set by the manufacturer. The rear-facing position reduces stresses to the neck and spinal cord and is particularly important for growing babies.

The new guidelines are consistent with the latest advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics which advises parents to keep kids in rear-facing restraints until two years of age or until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat’s manufacturer. There is no need to hurry to transition a child to the next restraint type.

Safety is every parents highest priority when it comes to their children. Selecting the right car seat for your child can be a challenge for many parents. The new NHTSA’s revised guidelines will help parents pick out the right seat for their child. Parents should also consider other factors when selecting a car seat, including their child’s weight, height, physical development, behavioral needs and type of vehicle driven.

Additional recommendations for child seat use from NHTSA include the following:

  • Always read child seat manufacturers’ instructions and the vehicle owner’s manual for important information on height and weight limits and how to install the car seat using the seat belt or the LATCH system.
  • All children under 13 should ride in the backseat.
  • Children in rear-facing car seats should never ride in front of an active passenger air bag.

Click here to view NHTSA’s new child restraint guidelines.

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Creations by You IlluStory won the 2010 Parents Choice Award

SheKnows Parents’ Choice Awards
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Make your own Book!

Give your child the thrill of being a published author! Budding authors simply write and illustrate their story using the markers and special book pages included in the kit. We even include our own unique Story Web to help author’s plan the essential elements of a story. The completed story pages are mailed to us in the postage paid envelope provided, or the book can be made entirely online using our Internet drawing and writing tools. In just a few short weeks you’ll receive back a professionally typeset, hardbound book your author will want to show everyone! Finished books include a title, dedication and “About the Author” biography page to give it a truly professional touch.

IlluStory is a multi-award winning children’s activity kit and perennial best seller because few products, if any, can build as much self esteem and excitement for reading and writing. The quality of our finished personalized books are a tremendous value and reward any level of effort. Consequently, an ever growing number of families have made publishing with IlluStory an annual tradition. Extra books can be ordered and are the ultimate gift for family and friends, especially since each extra copy can be separately dedicated to the recipient. Ages 5 to adult.

Dinnertime And Manners

In what my husband would call “typical boy fashion”, we have moments at the table of which I am not proud.  Moments of bodily noises, discussions that tend to curb many an appetite and, in general, not the greatest manners on the block.  So, to encourage my boys to be better behaved at dinner at home, I tried a few ideas.  My thought is, if we practice good manners at home, we’ll have an easier time remembering them when we’re out or at a friend’s house.

While none of these are the end-all, beat-all solution to teaching your children manners, they are some great ideas to encourage that kind of behavior.  Of course, the best solution is consistency and modeling.  If you want good manners, then SHOW good manners, and ENCOURAGE good manners.  These ideas lend themselves well to that theory.

  1. Make it a tangible award.  We recycled an old trophy of my husband’s to be our “Manner Trophy”.  Each evening (you could also stretch it out over the course of a week with older kids), we present one child with the Manner Trophy for outstandingly good manners at the table (or the most improved for those that aren’t quite there but are trying really hard!).  That child gets to temporarily keep the trophy until the next award ceremony.  Old medals and ribbons also work well for this.
  2. Make it a game.  We made a list of rules we wanted our boys to follow while eating a meal, such as “elbows off the table” and “thank the person who prepared the food.”  At the beginning of the meal, each person at the table is given 10 of an object, such as 10 toothpicks or 10 pennies.  During the course of the meal, if someone spots a violation of a rule, he (or she) may politely ask the offender for a toothpick or penny.  The winner of the game is the person with the most objects when the meal is over.  We try to make the “prize” something simple, like a sticker or another little treat, but as a family we try to make it an all-around tie so everyone wins!
  3. Give out simple rewards.  This works well with younger children because the reward can be almost immediate.  Write out on slips of paper some simple rewards, such as reading an extra book at night or playing a board game or getting an extra fifteen minutes before heading to bed.  The rewards can be specific to each child.  Place each child’s reward slips in a special jar or container (we use recycled spaghetti jars labeled with the boys’ names).  When mealtime goes well and the kids use their good manners, each gets to choose a reward slip from his jar.
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