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Help improve your child’s balance and coordination skills with YBikes!


These cool balance and coordination bikes for kids are designed to help improve motor skills. YBIKE’s are engineered for safety by using a tough injection molded construction, which eliminates weak points and offers more design freedom, hence the sleeker curves and smooth, superior finish. When it comes to kids, safety is the main concern. For this reason the front wheel is considerably further forward, affording a bigger turning circle, which reduces the risk of falling over the front when turning. The back wheel is also covered to stop children from riding over their feet. The YBIKE body is designed for better clearance of obstacles and the larger wheels produce a safer ride on uneven surfaces. The YBIKE was awarded the prestigious Oppenheim Toy of the Year award for 2010. Comes in orange, blue, green and pink.

YBIKE Balance Bike - Pink


A great new balance bike for kids. Constructed of a lightweight aluminum body with injection molded plastic front fork and large rubber tires, the YBIKE Extreme is a great first bicycle for toddlers. Already a massive success in Europe, balance bikes are quickly becoming a worldwide trend. Tests have shown that the use of balancing aids such as training wheels actually stunt the gross motor skill development of a young child. The YBIKE Extreme is tough, easy to use, and easy to assemble. 9” rubber tires allow for high ground clearance and a fast smooth ride. Comes in orange or pink.

Pewi Walking Buddy & Ride-on

Pewi is a new innovative “Walking Buddy/Ride-on for the toddler market”. Beginning with children as young as 9 months, Pewi is the coolest, sleekest walker around. However, unlike traditional Walkers on the market where the child is typically sitting in the walker, the Pewi actually enhances body and space awareness. In a traditional walker a child does not learn to fall as he or she typically just sits or hangs in the unit. With the Pewi, the Child stands freely in front of Pewi using it only as an aid. They can easily let go of Pewi and sit on the ground or knock other items themselves. This freedom of movement at a young age has proven to stimulate body in space awareness, a key for balance and motor skill development. Comes in red, pink and blue.

Summer Toys for Water, Outdoors, And Rainy Days

For those hot, sunny summer days, water toys help beat the heat. Hook the water toys up to the gardening hose and open the gates – all the kids in your neighborhood will want to play. One of our quick sellers is the Beach Blast Ball. It’s huge and it sprays in every direction known to man. Also, the Wigglin Water sprinkler keeps kids active and running around and waters the lawn for you! Less work for Mom and Dad already! Just don’t forget the sunscreen, you don’t need lobsters as children.

As for those cooler summer days, kids still need to be outside and active. Riding bikes, creating driveway masterpieces with sidewalk chalk, or ball with friends are always an option. How about something a little different? Try the crazy Fun Roller! Kids can get inside and have others push from the outside. Just make sure it’s not always your youngest/ littlest kid on the inside and the oldest/biggest kid on the outside pushing him around, laughing hysterically.

For those rainy summer days, the kids still need to play. When the rainy days do come, keeping the kids occupied will reduce the chance of them annoying each other – which means less fights for you to break up! Arts and crafts are perfect to help pass the time. Put a movie they have seen a dozen times into the DVD player or turn on the radio and jam while creating a masterpiece! Have the kids paint with watercolors or finger paint. Create sculptures with craft sticks and glue. Some ideas for using craft sticks include picture frames to display their recent summer pics, the paintings they crafted on the wet days. They can craft mini-birdhouses, or they can make wall decor to hang in their bedroom, or even sculpt a centerpiece for the dining-room table! Get on the internet and search “craft sticks” and a lot of different craft ideas display. Even better, kill two birds with one stone by going to the library and getting craft books! Yay!

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