Mashable has a great post today about Brightstorm, a company that offers tutorials and learning videos aimed at teens. Well worth a look! It got me thinking about how technology is used in our classrooms. Even my preschooler has computers in her room, with educational games that simultaneously teach and entertain.

This past weekend, at a local “playnasium”, both of my girls were most interested in the computer games, tied only with the plastic roller coaster they could ride. In addition to the classic “workstation” setup, the playnasium also offered computers that were connected to an apparatus that looked like a cross between a stationary bike and the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World. The kids actually interact with the computer through the bike, not through a keyboard and mouse.

Technology plays such an important role in our lives, so it’s great that it breaks into our learning environments and that we can interact with it in various ways. If this topic interests you, here are a few more resources online: