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Mattel Announces A Third Round Of Recalls

Mattel, in its ongoing investigation into the use of lead-based paint on children’s toys, has issued a third round of recalls.  Affected in this list are seven Barbie brand playsets (the recall includes all sets purchased from November 2006 through present day), two Geotrax brand toys (purchased from August 2006 through present day) and the “It’s a Big Big World” 6-in-1 Bongo Band (purchased from May through August of this year).

You can see more details on the recall at this site, from images of products to instructions on returning toys.

Mattel Announces Second Recall

Mattel has announced their second round of recalls, naming the die-cast “Sarge” from the “CARS” series in their focus area.  For more detailed information regarding this recall, visit Mattel’s website.

Wooden Thomas and Mattel Toy Recall

Two major toy manufacturers have issued recalls recently in relation to lead-based paints that were used on their products.  The latest recall has been announced by Mattel Corporation, parent company of Fisher Price.  Toys that are affected include TV-related characters (Dora, Sesame Street and Diego) that were purchased since May 2007.  You can take a look at their pictoral product recall list by following this link.

RC2 Corporation, one of the producers of the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway toys, issued a recall earlier this year on specific wooden trains and accessories that were purchased between January 2005 and June 2007.  To see a complete listing of their product recalls, please follow this link.

Both companies are being highly cooperative in the recall process and are remorseful that their products contain a potentially harmful substance. 

Please, if your household has any of these products, follow the directions for returning and replacing the items as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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