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Renting toys for your kids for the Holidays?

I’ve been reading more and more about parents renting toys for kids this holiday season. I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of this new trend?  You can now rent toys for a small fee and let your children play with  them, and then one to three months later, send them back and rent new ones! I personally have my ups and downs about the whole thing. Why rent toys for your child? How clean are the toys really? What is the quality of the toy going to be like when you receive it? What happens if my kid loses or breaks a toy?

We as parents always have different concerns about are children. If I buy them that toy, will it make them happy, and how long will they play with it? What toys should we buy them? Is this the right toy to help my children develop and grow mentally and physically?

It’s hard to say because we feel that a child’s education, learning and development through toys can be done within a couple of months. Some toys can provide years of education and learning. The child might grow an attachment to a toy, then what do you do? You either have to tell the child that you have to return the toy and break their heart, or buy it for more money than you would have bought it for in the first place.

Kids are kids, and they sometimes break things. Not all children break their toys or treat them rough, but all kids are different and things do happen. So now you just spent around $5 per toy and then have to turn around and buy it for a discounted price. So what’s the discounted price?

Here’s an example:

Girl Dress Up Mix ‘n Match Peg
Our price – $6.57
Many of the renting toys places charge  $5 per toy, some charge $30 or more for 4 toys per month.

We here at Wonderbrains understand that education, learning and developmental toys are a great way for children to grow and learn. We also understand how important it is to get your children the best toys. Shop our online store and receive free shipping with a purchase of $50 or more.

We want to know what you think about renting toys for your children. Leave a comment or go to our Facebook page and leave a comment our wall.

Toys for Tots Social Media Day Meetup in Indiana

Tomorrow is a Social Media Day Indy tweetup benefiting “Toys for Tots“. Registered guests who bring in an unwrapped and unused toy will receive two drink tickets.  There will also be plenty of great eats for everyone. WonderBrains will be attending this event with toys in hand and ready to donate to this great cause.

What better way to celebrate the Holidays by giving back to the community and meeting new people. Toys for Tots is a great organization that has been around since 1947, when Major Bill Hendricks and a group of Marine Reservists in Los Angeles collected and distributed 5,000 toys to needy children. The goal for this event is 200 toys! I encourage everyone to spread the word about Toys for Tots and help them save toys for children this holiday season. To find a local drop off location, go to

Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for updates and pictures of the event.


December 8, 2010
5:30 PM


Houlihan’s Restaurant + Bar
6020 E 82nd St
Indianapolis, IN

For more information about the event,

Have you started your Christmas shopping for your children?

Christmas is a time when people get excited, especially children. And with Christmas just around the corner, your child probably has thoughts of receiving gifts and has already started making his or her wish list to Santa. Their lists consist of toys, clothes and the latest electronic gadgets they see on television. While shopping off their list, remember that it is important to sort out the list prior to actually buying and find out which gift ideas are the ones that they really want the most.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I going to get for my children that is on that list?
  2. How much should I budget?
  3. Where are the best places to shop?
  4. What types of toys should I buy?
  5. What kind of deals are out there?
  6. Is there toys good for both boys and girls?

Here’s a coupon to help with the holiday spending!

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Save 10% on Everything Store Wide!

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Valentine Card Fun

In one short month, Valentine’s Day will be here.  Giving someone a Valentine is a wonderful way to show how much you care, and when these Valentine’s are handmade, the message is that much more special.  Here are a couple of easy homemade Valentines for your kids to make – for neighbors, friends, relatives and classmates!

  1. Cut hearts from red or pink construction paper, about the size of a 3×5 index card.  Cut two slits in the heart, large enough to slide a stick of gum (such as Big Red) through, much like Cupid’s arrow through a heart.  On the Valentine, write “I ‘chews’ you to be my Valentine” and sign it!  These are always a huge hit with friends and classmates!
  2. As in suggestion #1, cut hearts from red, purple or pink construction paper.  Cut two finger-sized holes in the lower portion of the heart (you can start a hole with a hole punch then use scissors to increase the size).  Decorate the heart with a face, wiggly eyes and cute smile, then pen a message on the back, such as, “You make my heart dance!”  Viola!  A Valentine finger puppet!

Sharing Of Yourself – Homemade Gifts

With the holiday season upon us, it is difficult to NOT get caught up in the crazy frenzy of holiday shopping.  However, I came across a great idea for teaching children about the act of giving of themselves.  This is perfect for children because not only do they give something to someone they love, but they find the joy of creating that gift.

Have everyone in your family draw names from a bag.  In our family, we’re doing just the four of us, but it would be wonderful to get the grandparents and other extended family involved in this, too!  The name you draw is the person for which you will create a gift.  Here are some simple ideas that kids can do for gift-giving:

  • dressed-up coat hangers: have children wrap colorful ribbon around coat hangers to create a beautiful and unique gift.
  • beaded bookmarks: string beads onto yarn and knot at the ends for a lovely way to mark your reading place.
  • magnets for mom: print off different letters and/or words in a variety of colors and fonts from your computer.  Cover both sides of the paper with contact paper, cut out, and attach a self-sticking magnet to the back.  Or, find extra photos and create photo-magnets!
  • for the gardener: choose a packet of favorite seeds and present them in a hand-painted pot.
  • Old standbys: using clean, recycled material, kids can create virtually anything: a pencil holder out of a tin can, a new mail basket out of a plastic milk jug, a colorful paperweight by painting a pretty rock, and even a set of pretty holiday coasters by covering old greeting cards with contact paper.
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