Memorial Day around our house typically involves one of the following events: cookout, traveling (usually from a grandparents’ house), swimming, fishing or visiting.  Sometimes, it includes all of these.  Those are the best Memorial Days.

Being a day set aside to remember those who have given their lives for the freedom of our country, Memorial Day holds a special place in my family’s circle.  I have several relatives who have served – uncles, cousins, aunts – and family members who are now gone but were an integral part of different events in history, such as my grandfathers and even further back from that.

After writing about creating a family tree last week, I found an alternative to my idea that is a wonderful way to honor our family on Memorial Day.  Create a photo collage family tree!  Instead of simply writing names and birthdates upon leaves of the tree, add photos of each family member.  It is a wonderful gift to give to a family member, and it is also a super way to keep your younger children in touch with relatives who might not be close by.  The poster can be laminated to protect it from fingers and spills.  This would also be an excellent project to do as a family (especially if the weather turns yucky and you are desperately looking for some indoor fun with the kids!).

Make Memorial Day a time to focus on your family…where you’ve been and where you’re going.