My husband thought I was weird at first.  There I was, a new mom with a baby boy, and I was picking out a baby doll for him.  He never outright said anything negative about it, but I could tell by his hesitation and slight resistance that he figured a brand new truck or a stick horse would be a more appropriate toy for our son.  I couldn’t have disagreed with that idea more. 

By the time our second son was born, my husband had already seen the relevance to the baby doll purchase.  Dolls provide children with an outlet for non-threatening, interactive, pretend play.  By pretending that they are a Mommy or a Daddy, children can role play different situations and learn how the world “works”.  Daddy might cook.  Mommy may go to work.   Someone is taking out the trash.  Someone is cleaning up the toys. The baby needs a bath and teeth brushed.  Mommies and Daddies help.  Children can practice routines that they experience in their own lives: bedtime, mealtime, getting ready for school or daycare, and even playing with other children. 

Dolls are especially important in helping young children adapt to younger children in the family.  At a time when the child may be feeling a bit left out of all the hullabaloo surrounding the new baby, the baby doll can give the older child a chance to take care of a “newborn” without fear of failure or harm and in a positive and loving way.  They can mimick Mommy and Daddy’s role in taking care of the newborn and see how much work goes into taking care of a baby.

Children who are overly shy can branch out and explore in a “safety net” relationship when they befriend a doll.  They can learn how to interact with other children and role play different situations that may be fearful to them.  Dolls are a wonderful tool to use when trying to figure out what may be troubling a young child; young children are often more apt to talk to an inanimate object, such as a doll, than a grown up.

WonderBrains offers a wonderful line of dolls for both boys and girls.  new dolls on site and the importance of interactive, pretend play in a child’s growth and development, both boys and girls.  HABA brand dolls are soft cloth dolls from 12 inches to 15 inches and are made in Germany.  They are all safe for children ages 18 months and up.  Their line even includes boy dolls as well!  WonderBrains carries a variety of clothing and accessories that are perfect with the HABA line of dolls.

When you are preparing for the upcoming holiday season, be sure that the children in your life have a doll.  It is a wonderful tool for growing and learning as well as a wonderful toy!