Way back when I was in grade school, I took a course offered through our local Lion’s Club on increasing your memory.  One of the key elements of the class was music.  There was always instrumental music playing, mostly in the background, but just enough that I noticed it.  The rhythm of the music remarkably made me feel as if I could focus with more clarity and concentrate on the things we were doing in the session.  See, music pulls on the right side, or creative side, of your brain.  The right side is also where our long term memory is controlled.  Most information we try to learn and retain imbeds itself in the left side, or analytical side, of the brain.  This side also controls our short-term memory.  So, to help transfer information we learn from the left to right side, we can use music either as background or in a lyrical fashion.

Music can help anyone learn concepts.  Songs can be “background” noise like I had in the course I took, providing focus and helping with concentration.  Or, they can be used in a more integrated fashion by setting the concepts to be learned to music, much like learning the ABC’s through the ABC song.  Learning facts and concepts through rhymes, catchy tunes and song lyrics is a great way to catch the attention of children, even the most reluctant learner.

Educational Insights is a company that has taken the concept of learning through song to new heights.  Their products include geography, grammar, history, and math.  What a terrific way to teach young children to learn their multiplication facts or help older children remember the capitals for each state!  Learning through music and song lyrics is a great way to utilize both hemispheres of the brain, making for a more solid retention of information.

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