After I wrote my post Monday, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine regarding sleepovers.  She has a daughter, age 5, who LOVES the idea of sleepovers, but she isn’t quite ready for it – nor are her friends.  Each child reaches that point of being able to handle the overnight separation at their own pace; to deem a specific age as the “ready age” for spending the night away from home is impossible.  Nevertheless, her child was convinced that she NEEDED a slumber party for her 5th birthday (don’t you love the influence of older siblings???).  Genius that my friend is, she came up with a solution – the fake sleepover.

The birthday party was a true slumber party, complete with popcorn, a short movie, pizza, cake, ice cream, games, and even a pillow fight.  They painted fingernails and toenails.  Each girl got to have their hair styled in crazy-slumber-party styles.  Everyone personalized a pillowcase to take home as a party favor.

At 9 p.m., all the parents showed up to pick up their little princesses and take them home to bed.

My friend is incredible.  She pulled off the perfect slumber party for her youngest child and managed to avoid the middle-of-the-night phone calls home that ensue when children aren’t quite ready to be away from home.  Everyone was happy.  Everyone had fun.  And everyone had a good night’s sleep.

What a great birthday idea!