We all have opinons about how much our children “need” extracurricular activities.  Some people believe in a maximum of one per grade level, others abide by the one-sport/one-art rule, and on and on.  The fact is, we all do what is best for our children, and every child is different.  If you are looking for some ways to get your kids involved in structured, group activities this Spring, try these sources:

  • Community theater.  Many local theater groups are always looking for children to fill bit-parts or extras.  Even if your child isn’t interested in the spotlight, perhaps check out opportunities to help with set design and costuming.
  • Check out your Parks and Recreation department.  Many areas offer low-cost and non-competitive activities, from sports to sewing, sign language to cooking.  Classes are offered at various times, and they are typically short-term opportunities – perfect for trying something new.
  • Your local library may offer classes as well, or even evening book clubs for young readers.  Check with the Children’s librarian; most larger libraries have one on staff.  Libraries are also a great resource for community opportunities as well.
  • Sign up for a sport, such as baseball, soccer, swimming or tennis.  Even if your child isn’t the best soccer goalie, he or she will have fun getting to know other kids and learning to play on a team.  Or, look into less traditional activities, such as yoga or modern dance!