It is that time of year again! While kids are preparing for the transition from enjoying summer break to heading back to school, parents are out running around trying to complete this year’s school supplies list that seems to get longer and longer with each passing year. And while buying all of the pencils, backpacks, folders and binders is important to help make sure your child is ready for the upcoming school year, it is also important to remember those educational resources that you won’t find on the teacher’s checklist.

What educational resources are we talking about? From books to science kits to math CDs, WonderBrains has what you need to give your child that extra boost heading into the upcoming school year. Here are a few examples:

English/Language Arts - If your child is struggling with a specific aspect in reading or writing, or just wanting to get some extra practice to hone his or her grammar skills, then our line of activity books by Remedia Publications is the perfect resource to help out. The writing activity books focus on specific areas of the English language, from sentence comprehension to vocabulary, and serve as an activity that is both fun and educational for your child. Remedia also features a High-Interest Reading line of books that focus on subjects that will keep your child interested while also helping them improve their reading skills. And if you think you may have a budding writer on your hands? The Mechanics of Poetry is a great resource for any creative child who wants to learn the basic concepts of writing poetry.

Science – If your child has more of a scientific mind, there are plenty of options available to peak his or her interests. The Science Wiz line explores the different aspects of science and features experiments to teach your child with a hands-on approach rather than just reading out of a textbook. The Ein-O line by TEDCO features various science kits and models that are good for use both inside and outside the classroom. And for the more advanced child scientists out there (ages 12 and up), Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies makes fuel cell cars, hydrocars and renewable energy sets for a unique way to teach your child about new-age scientific ideas.

Math - If your child likes working with numbers, or you want to improve his or her math skills, there are plenty of options to explore in this area. The Backpack Math set, available in both addition and division, are an upgrade on the traditional flashcards you are probably used to. These sets allow the child to write down the problem and answers themselves with a dry erase pen and can clip to a backpack for an on-the-go learning tool. What about multiplication? This Math Keyboard by Small World Toys is a great way for a child to practice the multiplication tables. And for the beginner math student, the Number Bean Bags by Educational Insights help teach your child number identification, counting and simple addition and subtraction skills.

Music – And finally, if your child has taken an interest in music, there are beginner musical instruments available to help spark that interest. The Woodstock Pennywhistle by Woodstock Percussion is the perfect starter instrument because it is easy to play and encourages musical appreciation and creativity. And the Learn-To-Play Piano from Melissa & Doug is another great beginner musician tool to help teach your child the keys on a piano and the notes that make up the scales.

If you have any questions on any of these products, or if you want some recommendations on other products that may help get your child into “back to school” mode, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at 866-UBRAINS.