The month of June is fast approaching, which of course means that school years are winding down and summer is just around the corner. And even with all the family vacations, summer camps and various other activities you have planned, your kids will still have a lot of free time this summer.

But a lot of free time doesn’t have to turn into a lot of boredom for your kids. Here are a few suggestions on activities your kids can do to help pass the time.

1. Reading – One of the more common concerns a parent has for their child during the summer is that he or she won’t learn anything while away from the classroom. One easy way to make sure your child isn’t falling into that trap is by making sure they have things to read. Reading is a great way to keep a child’s mind learning and taking in new information. Summer Bridge Reading workbooks are designed specifically for this purpose, and to provide a “bridge” from the reading your child just did in his or her previous grade level and the reading that will be coming at the next grade level.

2. Other School-Related Activities – Outside of just reading, there are other workbooks available to keep your child sharp heading into the next school year. Summer Bridge Math workbooks are perfect for a child who enjoys working with numbers, while Summer Bridge Activities workbooks take a more all-around approach in helping your child improve reading, writing, math and language skills heading into the following grade level.

3. Spend Time in the Water – Chances are your child will be spending some time this summer around a pool, lake or ocean. And even a simple trip to the pool can become a learning experience with the proper water-themed toys. Ein-O’s Aquatic Explorer is a great kit to take along with you to help teach your child facts about water while also providing fun toys to play with in the water. If your child is more of the scientific type, this Watery Science kit provides 4 different experiments that all have to do with water.

4. Go Bug Hunting – A favorite childhood pastime for many generations, hunting for bugs is a great way for kids to spend some time outdoors. Toys like the Bug Biter are perfect for catching bugs in a safe and humane manner, and if your child wants to keep a couple bugs for further observation, a Bug Jug will provide a good home for the bugs and allow your child to observe their behavior.

5. Go on a Bike Ride – If your kids are a bit older, riding bikes is probably something they will already be doing this summer. But even if your child is a bit too young to ride a regular bike, you can still take them out and teach them on a YBIKE. The YBIKE, which was awarded the prestigious Oppenheim Toy of the Year Award in 2010, helps teach young children the skills, balance and coordination to ride a “big-kid bike” in the near future.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you come up with some activities for your children that are both fun and educational this summer. If you’d like additional ideas on summer activities and toys for your children or if you have questions on any of the products that WonderBrains has to offer, please feel free to contact their friendly customer service team at 866-UBRAINS.