We get calls all the time from people who are interested in starting an ant farm for their child. Some of their questions have to do with the features of the ant farms themselves, such as, “Do you think the ants would prefer a more traditional home, or would they like to live in something a bit more colorful?” But far and away, the most common question we get asked is, “How do I get the ants that go in the ant farm?”

First and foremost, always remember that the ants will never come in the same package as the ant farm itself. Simply put, they wouldn’t survive the shipping process in that kind of environment. All of the ants will be sent to you separately and in a safe manner directly from the ant farm manufacturers themselves.

While this may seem like a bit of a process just to set up your child’s ant farm, it really is a pretty simple and painless experience. Here are five easy steps to help you out in getting your child set up to own and operate his or her own working ant farm!

1. Purchase one of our Ant Farms. In the package with the ant farm, you will receive a mail-in coupon to order the live ants.

2. Fill out the coupon form with your name and address to where you want your ants sent.

3. Mail the coupon to the address listed on the coupon where your ants are located. You will have to pay a small shipping and handling fee (no more than $5.00, depending on the style of ant farm you purchase). Your ants should arrive at your location within 4 weeks of you mailing in the coupon.

4. When your ants do arrive, they are going to be pretty angry. (Imagine if you spent a few days shoved in a box traveling across the country and how you would feel!). Don’t worry - you can calm them down by doing one simple task. Put them in a refrigerator or some kind of colder environment for approximately 15 minutes. The cooler temperature will calm them down and make it safe for you to put them into the ant farm. It is important that you follow that step though. If you try to put them in right away upon receiving them, there is a chance of getting bitten by an angry ant!

5. Spend some time with your child watching the ants interact with each other in their new home!

Ant farms are a great way to teach your child about the underground world that ants live in and how they live and work together to form a colony. Perfect for any child with an interest in science or animals, the ant farm is a toy children of almost all ages can enjoy and can be fun for the whole family too!

If you have any other questions on the Ant Farms or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-UBRAINS or e-mail us at info@wonderbrains.com.