I’ve been reading more and more about parents renting toys for kids this holiday season. I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of this new trend?  You can now rent toys for a small fee and let your children play with  them, and then one to three months later, send them back and rent new ones! I personally have my ups and downs about the whole thing. Why rent toys for your child? How clean are the toys really? What is the quality of the toy going to be like when you receive it? What happens if my kid loses or breaks a toy?

We as parents always have different concerns about are children. If I buy them that toy, will it make them happy, and how long will they play with it? What toys should we buy them? Is this the right toy to help my children develop and grow mentally and physically?

It’s hard to say because we feel that a child’s education, learning and development through toys can be done within a couple of months. Some toys can provide years of education and learning. The child might grow an attachment to a toy, then what do you do? You either have to tell the child that you have to return the toy and break their heart, or buy it for more money than you would have bought it for in the first place.

Kids are kids, and they sometimes break things. Not all children break their toys or treat them rough, but all kids are different and things do happen. So now you just spent around $5 per toy and then have to turn around and buy it for a discounted price. So what’s the discounted price?

Here’s an example:

Girl Dress Up Mix ‘n Match Peg
Our price – $6.57
Many of the renting toys places charge  $5 per toy, some charge $30 or more for 4 toys per month.

We here at Wonderbrains understand that education, learning and developmental toys are a great way for children to grow and learn. We also understand how important it is to get your children the best toys. Shop our online store and receive free shipping with a purchase of $50 or more.

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