My first Halloween costume I was dressed up like a bee. Yes that’s right a bee. My father made the costume for me. Dressed me up at the age of one and took me out trick or treating. One year old might be a little young to take out trick or treating but parents love candy too.

Dressing up your children in a Halloween costume can be fun but remember when choosing a costume the child safety should be a part of that decision. By letting the child pick their own costume out makes them feel good and gives them a since of responsibility.

Tips to keeping them safety this Halloween.

  • The child should be able to see out any mask eye holes. Not just the front but the peripherally as well. Cut the eye holes to make sure they can see all around them.
  • Costumes should be made of flame retardant material. If they are home made, make sure and use either a fire retardant spray or fabric that has been treated with fire retardant.
  • Make sure your child id visible to everyone. Use a flash light with brand new batteries, reflective tap on their costume and a light stick to help your child be more visible at night while they are walking around.
  • The costume should have comfortable walking shoes and not have anything dangling material that they might trip on. Trips and falls can me the night end before the fun can begin.
  • Remember props like swords and knifes need to be flexible. So it will bend if they fall on it.
  • Most of the time your child and you go out in a group. Make sure the costume is unique enough to spot them in a crowded.
  • Never, ever go into a strangers house or even ring their door for treats unless your parents are with you and say that it’s okay.
  • Careful when you cross a street. Make sure to look in both directions and make sure that there are no cars coming.
  • If it’s an older child and they are going out by themselves. Make sure they know the rules and time that trick or treating ends in your city.