On February 14th, celebrating love and affection between family and friends can be fun. Valentine’s Day is a great time of year to do crafts with your kids. What better way to celebrate the holiday than by making homemade cards with your children? Below are some fun and easy ideas to get you started.

Fun and Easy Valentine Cards for Kids to Make

Items needed:

Idea # 1 Instructions:

  1. Cut out identical hearts in red or pink.
  2. Cut out smaller hearts in green.
  3. Arrange the red or pink together to make a flower. Glue the flower to one end of the straw.
  4. Glue the leaves (green hearts) to the straw in the same way.

Idea # 2 Instructions:

  1. Use a pencil to trace around your hand onto construction paper, and then cut out the traced shape.
  2. On one side, decorate with heart stickers and add a message like “Aren’t you sweet!” or “Be mine, sweet valentine.” On the other side, write who the card is to and from.

Idea # 3 Instructions:

  1. On the white paper, draw 3 flowers in any way want. Use a pink finger print for the center of the flower, and add purple or red fingerprints around the outside as petals.
  2. For the roses, dip a finger in pink paint and another in purple. Swirl the two fingers together in a spiral so the colors mix.
  3. Fold the card in half. Cut out the flowers and glue the white paper strip down the front of the card.

Idea # 4 Instructions:

  1. With your glue or glitter glue stick, draw a heart shape on your card. Younger children might like to draw a heart shape in pencil first, then trace over with glue. You can embellish your heart with swirls or decorate however you like.
  2. Sprinkle all over with glitter. Skip this step if you used a Glitter Glue Stick.
  3. Leave to dry and then shake off any excess glitter.

Idea # 5 Instructions:

  1. Fold each piece of paper in half.
  2. To make the two hearts you will need, cut one of the pieces of paper in half along the fold.
  3. Fold each of these pieces in half and cut along the fold.
  4. Draw half a heart on each (around the fold).
  5. Cut along the line you drew. This will make 2 hearts.
  6. Fold one of the hearts in half.
  7. Draw a small half-heart on the folded heart and cut along the lines. This forms the picture frame.
  8. Cut the photo to fit inside the heart frame.
  9. Assemble the picture frame by placing the center-less heart on the photo and gluing it down.
  10. Glue the solid heart to the front of the card. Decorate the front of the card with markers or crayons, or with tiny cut-out hearts.
  11. Cut two strips of paper (about 1 inch by 8 inches). Any color will do.
  12. Position the strips perpendicular to each other. Staple them together where they overlap.
  13. Fold one strip over the other, like an accordion or spring.
  14. Continue folding, making a springy strip.
  15. Tape the springy strip to the inside of the card.
  16. Tape the heart photo in the frame to the springy strip.
  17. Write a message on your card.