Are you having trouble finding a stock stuffer for your child? Here is 10 ideas to put in their Christmas stockings. What better way to fill a child’s stocking than with a fun and exciting educational toy.

1. A Great Day at the Castle Children’s Book

HABA’s children’s books are fun and educational!

“A Great Day at the Castle” is a child’s first picture and story book with 6 puzzles and a dice game. Kevin and Nelly enjoy a great day at Ravenspot Castle where they visit the large Knights’ Festival with their grandpa. The children see knights’ armor, wells and even a fire eater! Can Kevin and Nelly also discover the ghost of Ravenspot? Ages 3 years and up.

2. Butterfly Count & Sort Set

What could be more fun than counting and sorting these cute new Painted Lady Butterfly figures? Our unique designs make learning exciting. Constructed of soft plastic, the colorful pieces are easy to handle. Characters include leaf, egg, flower, caterpillar, chrysalid and butterfly. 72 pieces. Instructions included. Ages 4 and up.

3. African Safari Adventure Pack for 3D Adventure Projector

Learn all about the majestic animals of Africa with the African Safari Adventure Pack for your 3D Adventure Projector (sold separately). The African Safari Adventure Pack projects wondering three-dimensional images of Africa’s wildlife on your walls and ceilings. The pack includes 25 full-color 3D images, a pair of 3D glasses, and an exciting CD audio adventure tour. Let the excitement of a wild African safari come alive for you!

4. 12-piece Triangular Crayon Set

Ingenious, triangular shaped crayons are extremely durable, easy-to-grasp and won’t roll away! They come in a sturdy, plastic, flip-top case. 12 colors

5. Mini Sticky Mosaics T-Rex

Our individual Sticky Mosaics Mini designs are great for travel. Follow the numbers to make these colorful mosaics come to life.

6. Mini Sticky Mosaics Sparkle Angel

The Mini Sticky Mosaic Sparkle Angel kit by The Orb Factory is an individually packaged design that’s great for party sized fun! This quick craft project is easy to use and doesn’t make a mess.

7. Ein-O‘s: Box Kits

The kits contains Ein-O’s I Know Guide to experiments and essential equipment to help learn about science, biology and electronic devices.

8. Izzi

Challenging and beautiful, IZZI is never the same puzzle twice. Players try to match 64 black and white tiles side-to-side to build a square. An endless number of solutions; suggestions for harder games are included. An excellent addition to a math curriculum or a child’s puzzle collection.

9. Woodstock Pennywhistle

The Woodstock Pennywhistle, by the world-renowned Clarke Tinwhistle Company, is a sweet-sounding whistle at a great low price. This whistle is similar to the Clarke “Sweetone,” which was the first conical bore tinwhistle made with a plastic fipple, or mouthpiece, a combination of traditional workmanship and modern technology.

It doesn’t take an accomplished musician to create magical musical memories. The Pennywhistle is easy to play and has a clear and accurate tone. The ideal instrument for encouraging musical appreciation and creativity, the Pennywhistle is loved by children and adults all over the world.

10. Hot Dots Phonics Flash Cards

Now there’s an exciting new sequential phonics program that combines the fun and excitement of Hot Dots flashing lights and fun sounds with a comprehensive readiness and phonics program. Each set of self-checking Hot Dots flash cards reinforces skills essential for reading success. After mastering the skills in the first three sets, children will be able to decode, or sound out, hundreds of 3- and 4-letter words. As they progress through the program, they acquire new decoding skills, so they’re reading in no time!