As a teacher, I’ve witnessed firsthand how excited children get when they get to share something at school with their friends.  Everything from a coveted toy or stuffed animal to a shiny rock found on the sidewalk is fair game, and each item is meaningful and unique in its own way.  It is a time most, if not all, children look forward to.

In our house, we have incorporated this idea into some family time.  On nights that we don’t have sports commitments, piano lessons or church obligations, we have a designated “Show and Tell” session.  Our boys are asked to share something from either school or an activity they are in.  It can be a test paper, an art project, a special skill from baseball, or a book they are reading.  In turn, my husband and I share something with our boys that WE are interested in: my scrapbooking or photography and my husband’s interest in cars are just a few.  We practice being good listeners and positive feedback-givers.

It is an excellent opportunity for our 9 year old to share something he’s exceptionally proud of (even though he’s probably told us about it a dozen times – he doesn’t mind sharing once more!).  It is also great practice for our four year old in speaking in front of others.  And, it gives us a special time to share together as well!