The nose knows!  Here are some great activities to encourage your child to focus on the smells around them (good and bad!).

  1. Name that Smell – children LOVE to experience different smells, especially kitchen-type smells around this time of year.  dab cotton balls with extracts and scents.  Have your child smell them and try to identify them or match them.  A good game to play is a scent-match game.  Make a pair of cotton balls for each scent and have your child match them up!
  2. Breathe Deep!  Identify smells (fire in fireplace, freshly mowed grass, flower smells, skunk, etc) that can be found outside.  Simply step out your door and smell…what is it your nose smells?
  3. Hold your nose – this is a great exercise for both taste and smell.  Provide a variety of foods to taste, but do so while holding your nose shut.  See how lack of smell can alter the taste of a food, such as oranges, apples, juice, tomatoes and cheese.  Does it work with cookies and cake as well?