So many times, I find myself focusing on my son’s faults in regards to school – rushing through work, needing to read a bit more, get that homework done and correct the ones that I’ve checked.  It is equally, if not more, important to let our children know what they are doing that is AWESOME in school.  Try some of these activities to make sure your budding einstein gets the recognition he or she deserves!

  1. Frame It!  I bought an inexpensive frame at the discount store (less than $3) that will hold most papers my third grader brings home ( a 9 x 12 frame works well).  Anytime my son brings home work that he is exceptionally proud of, whether it is a test, a written assignment, an art project, whatever, it goes in the frame.  We display this on the counter in our kitchen and rotate the pieces through as he sees fit.  It is a great way for Dad to catch up with the good stuff from school!
  2. Showcase It On the Computer!  Going a step beyond the framable work, I will take pictures from time to time of my children with their proudest work.  When I upload the picture to my computer, I save it as my backdrop.  It is a great visual reminder when I sit down to work at how amazing my children are.
  3. Get The Family Involved!  Nothing feels quite as good has having a family member tell you how proud they are of you, so give that gift to your child.  Have grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even neighbors comment on your child’s successes.  Sometimes, it can feel a bit more special when it comes from someone other than “just” mom or dad!
  4. Hang It High!  Create your own personalized magnets by simply mounting a photo of your child on cardboard or posterboard.  Cut around your child’s outline and glue this to a clothespin.  Attach a magnet to the other side of the clothespin, and use this awesome little display tool to hold report cards, important papers or awards won on the refrigerator!
  5. Celebrate Over Breakfast!  When my boys do something exceptionally outstanding, such as participating in a class play or making good grades on a report card, we celebrate with breakfast out.  The kids get to decide where we’ll eat, and we enjoy some family time before we all start our busy days.

Do you have any ideas to share?  Leave a comment and let us know!