I would like to take a moment to point you to a wonderful journal that I think you would enjoy.  This is the site of Tara Marie.  It is entitled, Emma Sage, after Tara’s fourth child. 

What strikes me most about Tara’s blog, especially in the post linked above, is how amazing God is.  These are the kinds of moments I see with my nephew, Wes, who is also an incredible creation, like Emma Sage.  Sometimes, we need to hear little snippets like this to remind us what is really important, like loyalty, the kindness of friends (and strangers), and that children really do have so much to teach us. 


Thank you, Tara Marie, for sharing your gift of the written language.  All of your sites are beautiful and well-written.  It is a blessing to get to know your family, even if only in little snippets through the computer.