Concentration, or Memory, is a simple game for children that is wonderful for increasing memory skills and learning to pay attention to details.  While commercially-created games are available in a wide variety of themes and ability levels, you can also create your own to fit your child’s interests and learning level.

Use an even number of index cards, such as twenty, to create pairs of objects.  These can be simple shapes, pictures, letters, or words.  Shuffle the cards, the place them face-down on a table.  Each person takes a turn to flip over two cards of his or her choice.  If the cards match, the player gets to keep the pair and go again.  If the cards do not match, then the player turns the cards face down again and the next person gets a turn.

For older children, try making a set of cards with upper/lower case pairs, synonyms, antonyms, or rhyming words!