Here’s an easy and fun project to try with your kids this week…especially if your children love their “privacy” or simply want to mark their “spot”!

Doorknob signs are easy and practical projects that kids of any age can create.  Older kids can cut their own out; for younger kids, cut a rectangle out of heavy paper, then cut a slit from the side to the middle with a hole cut out for the doorknob (like a “do not disturb” sign at a hotel).  After that, anything goes!  Provide your child with crayons, markers, stickers, stencils, extra craft supplies – the sky is the limit!  Your child can make a door sign that is personalized with their name, something funny (“Beware of Guard Hamster”), or something more serious (“Caution: Messy Room…enter at your own risk!”).  Have your child make several for various places around the house or even for a few neighbors!