Whether you stay near your home or travel far distances this 4th of July weekend, make sure to be prepared. If you have children, then you know exactly what “prepared” means. “Prepared” means snacks, drinks, and a change of clothes for each kid (and adult). One of the priorities of vacationing with children is bringing something for them to do while flying, riding, or while waiting around. Have each of your children pack and carry their own backpack filled with their fun stuff and snacks, as this will give them some sense of responsiblity and take a load off of Mom and Dad.

Don’t know what to pack? There are the obvious time-killers like MP3 or CD players, portable video games, portable DVD players and magazines. But also encouraage their brains by bringing some mind stimulating toys along for the ride. Books, cards, sketch pads, Sudoku and GridWorks, crayons and coloring books are great activities for when others are sleeping or for when you need some quiet time!

Of course, we have awesome toys that are great for traveling. Classic games like Bingo and Four-in-a-Row are wooden and the pieces are attached, so they won’t lose them. A great travelling toy for the littler ones is the Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up Set or the Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Set. Something everyone can play is the SmartLab Weird and Gross Challenge. Quiz each other on grodie-science questions like “Rennet is used in making some cheeses. Where does it come from?” At the very least, it will get everyone laughing!

A great activity the younger kids will love is the Are We There Yet? Travel DVD. It has games and songs that kids love to play and sing. If you have older kids that need help with studying, we have several CDs that help memorize those troublesome subjects, like the History Songs CD that will teach over 100 dates and events in American history, all sung to memorable melodies and music. Having problems in other areas like Grammar, Geography, States and Capitals, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division? WonderBrains has got your back! All of these subjects are on CD too!

Important foundation subjects like Reading, Writing, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Fitness are included in the “Summer Bridge Activity Books.” Kids from pre-K to 8th grade will benefit from these fun lessons that are all based on actual school curriculum. Kids receive a Certificate of Completion when finished with the workbook, plus there are games, contests, and more fun stuff online here.