On a lighter (scented) note… have you ever wondered how they make cosmetics and perfumes? The Creative Cosmetics kit explains the “Science of Skin Care.” Not only does this kit explain skin, nail, and hair care, it gives a broad “foundation” of dermatology and the chemistry of oils, gels and lotions. Your kids will get to create their own formulas with the cosmetic bases and natural ingredients you purchase from your local store. Kids learn hygiene and safety are essential for proper skin care, as well as how to apply their creations to their lips, eyes, face, and body. Learn the basics of beautiful, radiant skin!

The Art of making Scents has a very long history. With the Perfume Science kit, kids can experiment with countless fragrance combinations and make their own scents. The kit contains scents that are used in high-quality designer perfumes. Learn the biology of smell, the chemistry of scents, the fine fragrance industry, and the history of perfumes. With the Perfume Science kit, you can even learn how to extract fragrances from plants! Best of all – every one of the products contained in the Creative Cosmetics and Perfume Science kits were never tested on animals.

Ever heard of Willy Wonka, Milton Hershey, Forrest Mars, or John Cadbury? Whether these names are real or not – these Candy makers all share one likeness: they were experimenters and innovators. The Candy Factory includes instructions, recipes, scientific explanations as well as a lot of different tools used to make candy. Learn the chemistry of crystals and the biology of taste. Explore the origins of chocolate and sugar. Mmmmmmmm, yummy and fun!