It happened this morning – those fateful, yet expected, words from my almost 9 year old’s mouth, “I’M BORED!”  The fact that we survived two days into summer vacation before we hit this point is quite amazing actually.  I halfway expected to hear the mantra when he stepped off the bus for the last time last week.  However, no amount of toys in the playroom, books on the bookshelf and television is enough to keep out the summer doldrums around here.

So, this whole scenario today is my inspiration for the summer.  Last year, I created a list of activities for my boys and I to do – one each weekday for ten weeks.  Fifty days of something different, something fun, something messy, something educational (without seeming educational!).  This year, I will do the same, and you get to be a part of it!

Check in here every Monday for a list of fun activities to try with your own children each day.  Some of the activities might be too “young” or “old” for your child, some might not be feasible for where you live, but all of them will inspire your own creativity to branch out a little each day with your child and find something fun to do together.  Even if you only have twenty minutes in the evenings, there’s going to be something you can try with your child.

Expand your child’s experiences this summer.  Try something new (or something old!).  Dare to beat those summer boredom blues.  Join us for FIFTY DAYS OF SUMMER FUN!