She is the one who taught your son to subtract.  He is the person who helps your daughter with her understanding of science concepts.  She is the constant influence of a love of learning in your child’s life.  And, it is time to honor that special person.  Next week, May 5 – 9, is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Here are some simple ways to tell your child’s teacher how much he or she is appreciated.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words – Take a class picture and put it in a frame.  To make it even more personal, have the class sign the frame in metallic or dark marker, or place the photo in a mat before framing and let the students all sign the mat.
  • Invest in the classroom – make a donation to your child’s class that the teacher would appreciate: a jigsaw puzzle, a new book, or an education game such as Scrabble or Uno are good choices.  Also consider a basket of teacher goodies, such as pens, post it notes or notepads, healthy snacks and fun desk accessories.
  • Handmade gifts speak volumes – have your child decorate a flower pot and place a plant in it.  Or, decorate a clipboard with fabric and paint.  Another idea is to take a blank canvas book bag and personalize it with fabric markers.
  • Donate to a worthy cause – find out some of your child’s teacher’s interests and make a donation to a charity in your child’s teacher’s name.  If your child’s teacher loves animals, donate to the local animal shelter.  Or, make a donation to the local Head Start or Child Wellfare organization.
  • Meals made easy – prepare lunch for your child’s teacher one day, or offer to supply dinner one evening.  Our favorite is to deliver breakfast (a day early so we don’t have to trudge over to her house in our jammies!) consisting of homemade banana bread, juice, bagels and cream cheese.  Or, get your child’s teacher a gift certificate to a great restaurant or other eatery such as ice cream!
  • Take a rest – teacher’s feet are awfully tired by the end of the day, so why not purchase a gift certificate for a pedicure at a local spa?  Some can be found for very reasonable costs, and simply having the opportunity to enjoy a bit of pampering is a great gift!
  • Write a letter – let your child’s teacher know how special he or she is to your child, and have your child do the same.  Design a card with a heartfelt message inside and your child’s teacher will enjoy one of the best gifts of all – appreciation.