The bell has rung, supplies have been brought home – school is out for the summertime here!  Each year at this time, we wish our teacher farewell and start making plans for the next couple of months, days filled with playdates and activities and evenings filled with family and sleepovers.

It is a time of reflection; a time to look at where we’ve been for the past nine months.  Where did we start?  Where are we now?  And, where do we want to be in August when the whole process starts over again?

It is also a time of celebration in our house.  It means we spend more time together as a family.  We set a new routine each day (or no routine as the case may be!).  We stay up a little later in the evenings and sleep in a little later in the mornings.  With the passing of each school year, we mark the occasion with a recognition of sorts.

Tonight will be a special dinner for our family.  This year, we are opting to cook out on the grill and eat on the patio.  Tomorrow, we will head to our local pottery-painting place where my boys will each paint an ice cream sundae dish for the summer.  We will either take in a matinee or rent a favorite movie and watch it over popcorn and lemonade.  We will welcome Summertime with open arms and a hope of great possibilities.

Summer is here.  Welcome!