Every moment is a teachable moment, including meal times.  Whether your child eats at home or is away for a meal, you can find ways to make it fun and educational!

What follows are ideas that I have gathered from fellow parents through observation in my pre-k classroom.  There are loads more – share in the comments if you can think of others!

  1. Sandwich letters: create a “letter puzzle” by cutting a sandwich to resemble a letter (in my class, I have a parent that cuts the Letter Of The Week for each sandwich).  Leave the “extra” sandwich parts to create a puzzle for your child.
  2. Eating the Art: using diluted food coloring, paint the letter of the week on your child’s sandwich.  Or cookie.  Or graham cracker.  Or cheese.
  3. Create a lunch with items that begin with the same letter: bread, banana, beans, biscuit, and bacon for letter B, and cheese, carrots, corn, cup (of fruit!), and even a “circle sandwich” for letter C!
  4. Label baggies, foil and/or plastic storage items with the names of foods inside.  Sharpie pens will work on any of these surfaces (use masking tape if you don’t want to write directly on something).
  5. Write a note for your child on a napkin in the lunch box, using as many words with the same letter as possible.  For instance, in a week where letter P is being introduced, perhaps say something like, “Have a perfectly pleasant day.  Be polite and play nice!”  Even if the child can’t read, the teacher can read the note to him or her, and the child can identify the letters.