My mother-in-law started a project almost 8 years ago that has evolved into an Event each August.  She hand-wrote a letter to her first-born grandson, my son, Travis. 

The letter was a recap of events from his first year and her thoughts and feelings for him.  It ended up being two full pages by the time she finished, transcribed onto some beautiful paper and placed in sheet protectors in a binder.  We placed the binder on the bookshelf in his room, a treasure among his treasures.

Each year, my mother-in-law slips a letter into his binder, a reflection of his year, the feelings she has for him, and the hope she has for him in the ages to come.  Each year, a letter on one or two pages, lovingly written and placed in the binder.  And each year, I sit down and read the letters, from beginning to end, marveling at the growth of my child and the amazing relationship he has with his grandmother.

Composing a letter to a child each year is a small gift with insurmountable meaning.  It is a treasure and a keepsake, a reflection of the past and a hope for the future.  Start a letter binder for that special child in your life.

Consider stepping it up a bit and binding the letters into a book!