These are my son’s top five choices right now…in no particular order, of course!1.  Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Case by Donald J. Sobol – This is a collection of short mystery cases that are solved by the young Encyclopedia Brown.  I think my son loves this book because each chapter is a complete mystery story.  He has several of the books in this series, and he loves the fact that stopping in the middle of the book doesn’t mean he’s stopping in the middle of the story.

2.  …If You Grew Up With George Washington by Ruth Belov Gross – We initially got this book to help us out with a project for President’s Day, but it is a wonderful book. It details life in colonial times and tells of George Washington’s life.  The pictures complement the information well, and it is set up in a “question/answer” style of writing. 

3.  Will We Miss Them? by Alexandra Wright – this is a great nonfiction book about thirteen endangered species.  Each two-page spread tells about the fascinating creatures – how they live, why they are useful, what they can do.  At the end of the book, there are some tips to protecting animals from extinction.  It is a GREAT book to read anytime, but we love to look at it before and after we visit our local zoo.

4.  The Human Body Inside and Out illustrated by Andy Morrison – published by The Book Studio, this pop up and pop out book is full of illustrations of parts of the body, from a pumping heart to moving muscles.  Tons of “body facts” can be found on each page.  My son loves human anatomy, so this book is right up his alley.

5.  Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey – let me preface this choice by saying this:  it is HIS choice.  I am not a great fan of the Captain Underpants series, mainly because I find the stories shallow, full of potty-humor, and not very thought-provoking.  That being said, they are a good springboard for reluctant readers, especially boys.  My son loves the comic book feel of the stories and the fact that he can whip through one in about an afternoon.