One year, my son and I wanted to make a special Valentine for my husband.  It was a “lean” year – we didn’t have much money, we had recently moved, and I wasn’t feeling that well that year either (we found out two days later I was pregnant).  What we did have, though, was construction paper, markers and Conversation Heart candies

The first thing my son and I did was cut out the biggest heart we could from a red piece of construction paper.  The bigger it was, the better, in our opinion.  Then, we took our box of candy and poured it out on the table.  We started reading the hearts, and we came up with a letter to my husband that incorporated the heart candies as well.  It went something like this…(candy words are written in italics)

“Happy Valentine’s Day!  We love you so much.  The way you melt my {picture of a heart} makes us feel like an all star!  If I have my way today, we will all have an awesome time!  I hope you can be an angel and know that URA star in our eyes.”

Try creating your own sentiment of love this year.  While the card doesn’t last for long (lest the candies disintegrate!), it is on original and heartfelt way for a child to express his or her love for another person.