The flu.

Our bodies fight off many germs and viruses each day, including the ones that lead to such nasty illnesses such as these (and more).  There are a few simple things you can do to keep your body healthy and strong to ward off serious illnesses.  These are also great practices when you ARE sick, if for nothing else than to protect others with whom you come into contact.

1.  Wash those hands – A LOT!  Make sure you use soap and water, and wash well.  I love to use the “preschool rule” for washing hands – sing the ABC song to make sure you lather and scrub for an adequate amount of time.  Washing your hands frequently is a good way to ward off unwanted germs and viruses that may find their way onto your skin.

2.  Bulk up on fruits and veggies.  Foods that are high in vitamins, especially vitamin C, will certainly help boost your immune system.  Make sure that you have at least five servings each day.  While multivitamins will give you your daily allocation, they are not as easily absorbed into the body in pill form as in their natural state.

3. Don’t forget your water.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day – more is better.  Keeping your body hydrated will help flush out any impurities in your body. 

4.  Saline is your friend.  Before you even get a sign of the sniffles, keep your nose clean by misting it with saline at least three times a day.  The saline will flush out any histamines or other airborne impurities that might leave you feeling not 100%. 

5.  Be a friend without being too friendly.  Keep your contact with others to a minimum.  People can carry viruses and germs on their bodies without showing any signs of illness.  Respect people’s personal space and keep your germs to yourself; others will follow suit.