My younger son was the proud recipient of a bubble machine for Christmas.  I’m not big on bubbles, mainly because of the mess.  We learned early on what bubble solution will do to carpet (acts as a dirt magnet and leaves polka-dots all over the place!), children WILL spill the bottle (I think it is a requirement for childhood), and of course, the drips from the dipstick leave a lovely, slick track of solution wherever you are.  Then there’s the whole “blowing” issue – I just about pass out after a dozen blows on the wand (because my three year old hasn’t figured out how to blow on the stick himself!).  Sure, my kids love bubbles, but I don’t necessarily share in their enthusiasm.

The bubble machine we bought through Wonderbrains this past Christmas solves the whole passing-out issue.  Put in a couple of batteries, flip the switch and watch tons of bubbles come spewing from the machine!  The kids are able to run it themselves and it has proved to be quite durable.  We keep it on the back porch because bubble solution, whether in a machine or manually blown, is still a mess.  That will never change!  It works with regular bubble solution (don’t use the cool new bubble solution that makes the bubbles that “stay” – it is quite a bit thicker and may clog the machine).

And, bubbles are really quite pretty, when you’re not passing out.  I now enjoy watching the kids play in the bubbles as opposed to trying to catch my breath every five minutes or so!  It is totally worth every penny I paid for it and then some!

bubble machine