There are so many things in my life for which I am thankful: my health, my family, my faith, my friends.  There are little things, like the way my 3 year old loves to sit in my lap, or the way my 8 year old will tell me about his school day.  There are the monumental things, like the time my car ran out of gas and I coasted into the gas station, or the time I left my car unlocked in the middle of the mall parking lot and no one took anything.  I am truly thankful for all these things.

But, I want to know what YOU are thankful for – what little thing makes your day a bit brighter, helps you get to Friday, or is essential to your life?  Is it faith-based?  About your family?  An event or even passing incident that has stuck with you?  What is one thing that makes you stop and say, “Thanks”?  Post your thoughts in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you.