Picasso is not my maiden name.  Nor is Renoir.  Or Michelangelo.  I am a great copier, but I am a horrible creator.  It just isn’t in me.  Give me a calculus equation and I’m all over that, but throw a bunch of open-ended ideas at me to run with and, well, you’ll get the same thing over and over. 

However, I did an activity with my preschool class this past week that is sure to be fun for you and your children.  Find yourself some good sturdy paper (like white construction paper or heavy stock typing paper) and some watercolors.  Let your little kids make all kinds of blobs and splats on the paper.  Keep them separate for best results.  No set shape, just blobs of paint: different colors, different sizes, and different shapes. 

After they are dry, sit down with your child and look at them.  What do you see?  Like looking at the clouds rolling by, use your imagination to find shapes of things you know.  Maybe it is a frog leaping in the air.  Perhaps you see a boat with its sails open.  Or maybe you’ve found a dinosaur lurking on the page.  Use a permanent marker to draw details of what you see.  As you turn each blob into a recognizable form, you will find that being creative doesn’t take much more than fresh eyes and a little conversation.  Between you and your child, you’re sure to have a paper full of new and exciting pictures!