A few weeks ago, our family took a little weekend trip to the coast.  And, as I packed the bags for my children, I halfway listened to the weather reports.  There was a storm headed our way, and it appeared that a good portion of our vacation would be affected by this.  A mild form of panic started to set in as I realized I was totally unprepared to handle two children in a 500 square foot cabin with less than favorable weather conditions.  I packed a small bag of “essentials from the playroom” as we loaded the trunk and headed out of town.

And, amazingly enough, the weatherman was MORE than right.

We had a deluge of a storm, almost flooding our cabin.  Yet, though it all, I had managed to pack a little gem of a toy for my 8 year old that kept our sanity in check – Rush Hour Junior.  Not only was my older son occupied for the entire morning, creating and solving puzzles with those automobiles and cards, but my younger son found the “extras” (the ones Brother didn’t use from puzzle to puzzle) to be fun to play with as well.  The toy itself is incredible; it focuses on critical thinking and alternative ways of solving prblems.   And, the suggested challenge cards are leveled to provide a challenge at pretty much any level of “expertise”.  Plus, everything is kept in a handy drawstring bag, and the pieces fit snugly on the board, making it a great “car toy” as well.

And now I’m upgrading to Rush Hour and all the little accessories.  Not just because my older son is ready for a bigger challenge, but we could really use an additional set to keep both boys occupied!