One of our goals as a family is to take vacations and trips that inspire, educate and entertain our children.  And, along those lines, we want to give them the tools that help them remember their excursions and learn from them.  This is how we became addicted to TRAVEL LOGS.

Our travel logs aren’t anything fancy.  You can use a spiral notebook or some unlined paper stapled together.  You can even take pages and bind them into a book later.  Our older son, however, loves to use unique journals – ones with interesting covers, made in unusual shapes, or perhaps covered in a textured material or in a theme related to our trip.

Our “rules” for travel logging are simple.  The minimum “contribution” to the book is one page per day.  As a contributor, you can always do more, and it doesn’t have to be written.  Sometimes, my son sketches a wonderful moment in our trip, from the picnic on the side of the road to the historical marker we visited along the way.  We stick little momentos and special treasures we find, like a large oak leaf at the park or the ticket stub from the day’s activity.  And we don’t limit it to just one contributor.  There have been trips where all of us who were able to write added our perspective of the day to the book.

The travel log stays with us for the trip.  Now, it isn’t always feasible to keep it by your side the entire time.  The beach isn’t exactly an ideal place for it, nor is poolside or at a theme park.  But, we take time at the end of our day (or when little brother is taking a nap) to think back to the things we’ve done, what we liked, what surprised us, what we took away from the moment.

The best part is weeks after you get home – even months or longer – when you come across the log and take a moment to look at it together.  It is like taking the trip all over again, it is just in book form this time.  It is also an easy way to answer that timeless question, “What did YOU do for your summer vacation?”