Scholastic has a wonderful resource area on their website just for Magic Tree House fans.  The series of over 35 books is perfect for elementary readers, so if your child hasn’t discovered them yet, chances are they will! 

My son is an avid MTH fan; we have almost every book.  They aren’t books he reads once and puts away.  Travis will read them over and over…covers bent, pages turned, but truly his favorite read.

And, to make it more interesting for him, Scholastic has now incorporated a reading passport for the series.  Children read the books, answer a few questions about them, and receive a “stamp” for their passport for each book read.  Hard copies of the passports and stamps are available at your local Barnes and Noble.  But, if you are like me and not close to a location, you can download the passport for free.

It is an excellent way to monitor and motivate your child to read this summer!