Crayons are a way of life for any child, preschool and up. A long term rite of passage, if you will. So when you have 3 kids ages 5 and under, you’ve been dealing with crayons, are dealing with crayons, and expect to continue to deal with crayons for a long time to come. There’s the occasional new mural on my family room walls. A sketch on the front of a couple of dresser drawers. 6 crayons in the diaper bag (all from local restaurants), two sets on the toy shelves at home, and an entire box of half-used wax sticks in the linen closet with the other art supplies.

However, life with my older daughter takes the crayon thing a little too far. For one thing, she’s probably the only child on the planet who doesn’t like tips; she breaks every one of them off. Second, she doesn’t like the paper either. So she peels that off…in little scraps, not one continuous piece. And she eats them. It’s not uncommon to find wax flecks of green, red, yellow, orange when changing time rolls around.

But I firmly believe a child cannot live without crayons (and lots of them). So the paper flecks, wall art, and dietary supplement will continue. Bring on the art supplies!