One of our favorite treats during the summertime (and especially with the heat we have in Texas) is an ice cream sandwich.  I’m not talking about your everyday standard sandwich from the local grocery store.  The best kind are the ones you make YOURSELF.

We start with a batch of homemade cookies, chocolate chunk being our favorite.  You can use any kind of cookie, though - sugar, snickerdoodle, whatever your favorite might be!  And, the premade cookie dough works just as well (we often consider that “homemade” anyway!) as do store bought cookies.

Next, scoop ice cream onto one of the cookies.  Press it onto the cookie, pushing it to the outside edges and smoothing it out on top.

Place a second cookie on top and press together.  Wrap your creation in plastic wrap and pop it in the freezer for an hour or two to let the ice cream harden a bit.  When you take them out of the freezer, let them sit for a few minutes and then dive in!

For an extra flair, roll the sides of the sandwich in your favorite candy or sprinkles (we like mini M&Ms and birthday cake sprinkles) before freezing.

We all get into this together, from my two year-old younger son all the way up to my oldest “child” – my 38 year-old husband!  The process is simple, but by doing it together, we are teaching our children the rewards of following directions as well as a little delayed gratification.