I love giving gifts.  Simple “Just to say hello” gifts to whatever the occasion…I enjoy it.  My favorites are new baby gifts.

I don’t just give a gift to the new baby.  I always throw in a book or a magazine for the new mom (and a bottle of water – I remember always being thirsty!) and a small gift for any siblings.  This can be as simple as a package of playdough or crayons to a more specific fun toy.

When my younger son was born, one of the most memorable times in those first couple of days was having my older son help me unwrap a few gifts.  And, the look on his face when he found out the book and new music CD were for HIM and not his brother made it all worthwhile.

Don’t forget the rest of the family when honoring those newborns.  It is a big change – for everyone – when a baby comes into a family!

Flower delivery options have also become classic and great gifts to give to a new mom.