“Just one more, Mom!”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this during a day, I could retire early.  Just one more sandwich.  Just one more push on the swing.  Just one more kiss goodnight.  Just one more song…one more book…one more, one more, one more! 

Well, it’s MY turn.  Here are the things of which I wish I had just one more…

  • one more hour each morning BEFORE the kids get up.  I could get so much more done (on my Sudoku puzzle) if I just had some more time!
  • one more gene to burn about 500 extra calories a day.  I figure that’s how many extra calories I eat off of the kids’ unfinished plates, and I really could use some help getting rid of those!
  • one more bathroom.  I wouldn’t mind cleaning toilets if I could just have one more place to try and hide from my kids.  They already know where my bathroom is…no point in hiding anymore in there.
  • one more hug.  Even when the day is at its worst, when my kids give me a hug, all the bad stuff melts away.  I can always use one more hug.

What are your “one mores”?